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Messenger of Heaven
Chase McFly
• 9/4/2017

The Demotions of Bureaucrats.

I am making this post to call for the demotion of several bureaucrats. The bureaucrats are as followed:


ChoipsStixks and ILoveRavensHome are the exact same person, who was blocked from the wiki for being unproductive. Leviine is the sock of a Rossete Adams, who was demoted by FANDOM staff for abusing her power. ElectricSupernova is inactive on the wiki. Vote SUPPORT if you wish to support this, OPPOSE if you wish to oppose it, and NEUTRAL if you are neutral on this vote. Of course, you are free to vote different on each bureaucrat’s demotion if you wish to do so.
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Messenger of Heaven
Chase McFly
• 9/4/2017
Support for all of them, as Electric was never to keen on this wiki anyway.
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